New profiles page is the default

If you've had a chance to try out the new profile's page, we hope you've been enjoying it!

The new design will become the default view on January 11.

If you haven't had time to try out the new view, don't worry. For now, you'll still be able to go back to the old view by clicking the option in the banner at the top of the Profiles page.

Have questions about the new design? Check out the help article to learn it works, or contact us - we'll be happy to help.

Improvements to Verify officers and Verify shareholders

We've added some improvements to make it easier to be sure you're adding the right officers and shareholders to the associates verification list and also act on new or updated results discovered during ongoing monitoring.

Here's what's changed:

  1. See all officer roles: If an officer holds multiple positions at the company, you can see all of them by clicking the officer's name.
  2. See which officers are resigned: Resigned officers are displayed at the bottom of the check results and they have their resignation dates displayed next to their name. Additionally, if you choose to move a resigned officer onto the associates verification list, a dialog is displayed asking you to confirm your choice.
  3. Quickly find the shareholders that own the company: Shareholders with the highest share percentage are displayed at the top of the check results.
  4. Catch new ongoing monitoring results: Just as before, if any new results are discovered for the Identify officers or Identify shareholders task, a new task version is created with the updated information. Now a banner is displayed on the new task version so you know why it's there.

To see these features, run a check on the Identify officers or Identify shareholders task.

You can also learn more in our help article.

Verify Japanese addresses with TRUSTDOCK SnailMail

Meet the requirements of Japanese regulators using PassFort's integration with TRUSTDOCK's SnailMail feature.

With this integration, a letter with a validation code is mailed to the recipient's address. The individual can only get access to the validation code if they have access to that mailbox.

Contact us today to get started.

Or learn more about this feature in our help article.

Ongoing monitoring with Bureau van Dijk Orbis

When you're using the Company data check with Bureau van Dijk Orbis, new results for officers, shareholders and updated company data will all be flagged to you.

Simply apply ongoing monitoring to get the latest check results, which are imported directly to the Identify officers, Identify shareholders, and Verify company details tasks. 

This version also shows you the industry code(s) relevant to the company, so you get the full picture.

Contact us today to get started! If you already use Bureau van Dijk Orbis, our team can schedule an upgrade to activate monitoring.

Or learn more in our help article.

New Profiles page

We've been listening to your feedback and have redesigned the Profiles page to make it easier to create a queue of applications to work through.

The new design is totally optional for the next few weeks, so you can try it out at your leisure.

It's all about the applications

The first thing you'll notice is that now the focus is on applications rather than profiles. This makes filtering and sorting a lot easier. All the options are surfaced at the top and are redesigned to be intuitive to use. 

When you've applied filtering and sorting options, you can save your view with a click. After that, you can apply your custom view at any time. 

More data, better decisions

The new design also shows you loads of information about the applications upfront, which makes it easier to find the applications you're looking for.

If a profile has multiple applications, you won't be distracted by the clutter.

Try it out

To see the changes, click Show me the new version in the banner at the top of the Profiles page. 

If you want to go back, simply click Back to the old version.

Want to learn more? Check out our help article.

Coming soon: Improved PEPs, sanctions, and adverse media matches

Next Tuesday (October 27), we're releasing some improvements to PEPs, sanctions, and adverse media matches. We wanted to let you know what to expect on the day.

After the 27th, you'll see a more intuitive layout for the case report when you click a match. 

All relevant information is surfaced up front, so it's faster to screen results and make informed decisions about your customers.

Here's what will change:

  • All information from the case report will be consolidated into one screen. 
  • Customer profile data will be displayed to the right of the case report.
  • If your data provider offers a PDF report, you can access it in a single click - no need to download it (though you can still download it if you want to).

We hope you'll find the improvements useful! If you have any feedback or questions, let us know - we'll be happy to help.

Best wishes,


Product Manager

Making PassFort easier to use

We're always working to make PassFort the best platform for onboarding new customers and monitoring their risk to your company.

We've recently released these improvements.


  • You can use a picklist to add a state/province to an address for any country, minimising the chance of a typo.
  • If you add a company description via the API (collected_data.metadata.description), it will be surfaced in the portal so users can see it.

All checks:

  • A clear error message is displayed when you try to run a check but a check variant hasn't been configured for the profile's country of residence/incorporation.

Document verification:

  • If you change the approved/rejected decision on a document, the new decision will be displayed on the same version (previously, a new document version was created).

Company data check:

  • Directors returned from Companies House will now show the dates they have been active at the company - and you can configure the check to only retrieve directors who are currently active.

PEPs and sanctions check:

  • A new ComplyAdvantage configuration option enables you to reduce false positives by applying ComplyAdvantage's search profiles.

Electronic identity check:

  • The data provider reference is displayed in the check results when you use GBG ID3global or Capita Identity Solutions.

Have a suggestion? Contact our Support team - we'd love to hear from you.

Goodbye "Documents", hello "Files"

By popular demand, you now have one place to see all files and documents used to onboard and monitor a profile.

This includes files and documents used in checks, forms, conversations, and task notes

You can:

  • Jump to the location the file/document is used with a single click.
  • Easily copy a link to the file/document to share it with others.

The new area replaces Documents (where you could only see documents used for checks).

To check it out, go to any profile that has a document or file and click Profile data > Files.

Or learn more in our help article.

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