Verify a company's address with Creditsafe

You can now verify a company's address when running a verify company details task using Creditsafe's confidence match search. This search compares an address that Creditsafe has stored for a company against the address on the profile in PassFort.

To start verifying addresses, contact us and we'll help you get set up.

Note: This feature is not currently available when using Creditsafe monitoring.

Customise your task expiry notification period

You can now extend your task expiry notification period beyond the default thirty days.

This means that you can customise when your team is notified of a task expiring, for example, to give them more time to review or to reach out to customers for up-to-date information.

You can read more here, or get in touch with us to get started.

New flags for associates

We've added two new types of flags for associates that let you know if applications are waiting for customer action or on checks for an associate. These flags are:

  • Waiting for customer (associate): This is related to the 'Waiting for customer' flag. It shows when more information or documentation about an associate must be provided.
  • Waiting for checks (associate): This is related to the 'Waiting for checks' flag. It shows when a manually run check on an associate is being performed.

Improvements to the PassFort status page

Improvements to the PassFort status page

PassFort provides notifications about platform uptime through our status page at This includes information about the availability of both PassFort's platform and the availability of the third party data providers accessible from our integration hub.

As PassFort begins to roll out new country-specific environments, starting with the UAE alongside our existing EU environment, we have introduced the ability to subscribe to specific countries of interest from the status page.

You can also subscribe to the specific data providers within the integration hub. By default, you have been subscribed to PassFort-EU and all integration hub providers.

Update your subscriptions by clicking the Subscribe to Updates button. Then, select the specific components you use and replace your existing subscription. You will also receive a subscription management link on all future PassFort status page emails.

Type to search addresses

To help improve user experience, data consistency, and accuracy, applicants can enter text and addresses are dynamically searched and shown for selection.

Here's what searching a business address looks like:

To use the feature, ensure it is enabled for the forms you want and that you have PassFort credits in your account (learn more about PassFort credits in our help article).

Users can input addresses manually if they choose or if you have no PassFort credit.

Contact us to take advantage of this feature.

User last login date

You can now see the date users last logged into PassFort.

The last login date is now displayed in the User Management list and will show a new label for users that have not logged into the system within the past 4 weeks. 

Verify document with Onfido API version 3

You can now see the granular reasons why Onfido checks pass or fail without leaving the PassFort Portal.

This uses the latest version of Onfido's API, version 3, to perform the ID verification (service collects documents) check.

You can also easily see the Onfido profile ID. And, if the PassFort profile has a customer reference, the Onfido profile is tagged with it automatically, making it easier to find in the Onfido Portal.

As with the previous integration, you can use Onfido to verify documents, selfies, and liveness videos.

Additionally, there's a new configuration option for all versions of the Onfido API that lets you specify which API region you're using.

To get started, contact us - we'll be happy to help. 

Or learn more in our help article.

Validate bank accounts with GBG ID3global

Now you have the option to check whether an individual's bank account details are valid but don’t match the personal details provided.

With this configuration option, bank account validation is performed only if the bank details are not a match for the individual. This can help you onboard prospects quickly and manually investigate any issues with their bank account details at a later stage.

This new configuration option is for anyone using GBG ID3global checks resold through PassFort.

To get a reseller agreement for GBG ID3global or to turn on the new configuration option, contact us and we'll help you get set up.

You can learn more in our help article.

Support for GBG's multi-bureau checks

You can now use GBG's multi-bureau checks when running Electronic identity checks.

Our data partner, GBG, has introduced a multi-bureau Electronic identity check which lets you run checks against Experian and Equifax under a single GBG profile. You can use independent matches from both bureaus to produce a single result.

Configuration of the bureau order and rule set is managed by GBG so you will need your own agreement with GBG. Once you have your multi-bureau checks agreement in place, get in touch and we'll help complete the configuration.

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