Analyse user behaviour + share reports with other PassFort users

Today we have 2 new reporting features for you!

Audit metrics report

See which users are working consistently and productively with the new Audit metrics report. This report shows you which users performed actions that triggered profile audit items. You can also see which actions were performed via the API or by the smart policy.

Export reports with shareable links

We've made it easier to export the raw data from reports and share them, so you can do further investigation and perform in-depth analysis. Click the Export .CSV button as usual and while your report is being generated, you can export more reports or do other work in PassFort. As soon as your report is ready, you'll be notified in PassFort or via email (depending on your notification preferences). If you choose to be notified via email, you can easily share the report with other PassFort users by forwarding the email.

Get started

To get the Audit metrics report, head over to the Reports tab (you'll need the All reports permission to see it). You can also learn more in our help article.

The new export reports feature is available now. You'll experience it when you export any report (as long as you have the Export data permission). Step-by-step instructions are in our help article.

Watch the video

If you're new to reports, check out this video to help you learn the basics of reporting!