Decision Reasons

You can now create a standardised list of decision reasons that can be applied to your products. These lists can then be selected from when deciding the outcome of an application.

This means that you can have standardised reasons for the outcome of applications, in addition to the existing free text notes.

These reasons are available for exporting in reports, so you'll have more accurate information on the trends and patterns of your application decisions. Make sure you have the Export data permission to be able to access them.

You are able to add additional or disable existing reasons for selection so you can react to changes in trends or new data points that need to be captured in future application decisions.

Get started

To find out more about how to use decision reasons, please visit our new help section.

To be able to access this feature, you will need to ensure that your demo institution has been upgraded to support the new policy versioning. If you’d like us to set this up for you, just get in touch.