Smaller webhook payloads for collected data

We have created a version of our collected data updated webhook that returns less information in the message body. Switching to the new version of this webhook improves performance and reduces processing times, particularly when onboarding companies.

The webhook acts as a prompt to call the collected data API, where you can retrieve the new collected data for the profile. As well as improving performance, the new format reduces the risk that the webhook size will violate any firewall message size limits you may have in place. It also reduces the risk that the webhook is larger than the maximum message limit of your messaging queue and reduces network load.

Although we won't be asking existing PassFort customers to move to the new version of the webhook at this stage, the old webhook will be deprecated. This means that you should avoid undertaking new development against the old webhook, and future PassFort features might not be supported in that version.

The changes to the webhook, as well as updated guidance on its usage, can be found in the API reference and help documents.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of the new webhook or begin making use of it please contact your customer success manager.