Verify document with Onfido API version 3

You can now see the granular reasons why Onfido checks pass or fail without leaving the PassFort Portal.

This uses the latest version of Onfido's API, version 3, to perform the ID verification (service collects documents) check.

You can also easily see the Onfido profile ID. And, if the PassFort profile has a customer reference, the Onfido profile is tagged with it automatically, making it easier to find in the Onfido Portal.

As with the previous integration, you can use Onfido to verify documents, selfies, and liveness videos.

Additionally, there's a new configuration option for all versions of the Onfido API that lets you specify which API region you're using.

To get started, contact us - we'll be happy to help. 

Or learn more in our help article.