You'll soon be be able to set custom expiry dates on tasks

In mid January, we'll release task expiry on demand, and you'll be able to edit and save a custom expiry date on a task through both the portal and the API.

At the moment, the date at which a task expires is determined by your task's expiry configuration and cannot be changed.

Custom task expiry dates will give you full control over task expiry. For example, if you need to migrate legacy profiles and maintain pre-existing expiry dates, you'll be able to set that through the API. Alternatively, your compliance team might want to expire a Verify Identity task in line with a customer's document expiry date. 

Custom task expiry dates will be available to all institutions without any need for configuration changes. Any user with permissions to action a task will be able to edit and save a new expiry date.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with your customer success manager for more details.